Digital data supply at MSZÉSZ Budapest Regional Meeting

Published: 25th April 2019

The MSZÉSZ Budapest Regional Meeting on 16 April was another station in the national NTAK roadshow. Among the speakers, the MTÜ director responsible for accommodation and catering gave a presentation on the new digital data supply system.

The report on the presentation of Áron Szabó is summarised below:

The NTAK presentation, which was probably the most interesting topic for hotels, was the last presentation of the Regional Meeting delivered by Áron Szabó, MTÜ Director Responsible for Accommodation and Catering.

MTÜ provided information about NTAK at many places and many times recently because the system has been completed and its launch is very close. The process will be completed by January 2020. By then, approximately 44,000 accommodation facilities will be included in the system according to preliminary estimates. The advantages of the system are well known: it reduces administration because data supply does not require any human intervention, it offers dynamic and up-to-date information in a consistent manner and it will also promote competition. As the data series will also be illustrated visually, anyone who uses the application smartly will be able to extract a lot of useful information and trends for their business operation and business decisions.

Áron Szabó
Áron Szabó
Photo: MSZÉSZ/Attila Kovács

The required developments of the hotel PMS systems have almost reached the finish line and therefore hotels can start online data supply on 1 July, followed by B&Bs in October and other accommodation providers, campsites and holiday homes from 1 January 2020. In terms of registration, it was described as simple online registration through the Citizen’s Portal where the data of the service provider, the accommodation and users must be entered with the right authorisations.

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