General information

for accommodation providers

Under the terms of operative legislation, accommodation services may only be provided in Hungary at accommodation sites that

  • have notified the commercial authority with regional jurisdiction of their intent to provide accommodation services, and have been entered into the records by the authority;
  • have registered in the NTDSC and thus have an NTDSC registration number;
  • use property management systems;
  • fulfil their obligation to report daily data to the NTDSC;
  • comply with their obligation to transfer data to the VIZA system.


The NTDSC data reporting obligation applies every day from the start of the accommodation service until its completion, regardless of whether the accommodation site was open or not, or whether it received guests or not. Data must also be submitted in these cases, for which many  software products have  been developed with automatic daily closure and data submission functions. The service provider always sends the statistical data to the NTDSC free of charge.

The depersonalised statistical data received by the NTDSC may be used to present the most important tourism indices pertaining to a given accommodation location, city, tourism region, or even the entire tourism sector: how many tourists from which countries spent how many days in Hungarian accommodation, what services they received, and how much money they spent. The data submitted to the NTDSC consist in large part of the data specified in the Central Statistical Office’s forms numbered 1036 and 1761. These are supplemented with some more modern concepts that help with analysis, such as sales channels or guest segments. The NTDSC collects statistical data for tourism purposes only.

Accommodation registration

In line with operative legislation, the accommodation provider must register in the NTDSC.

After the accommodation service is registered, the NTDSC generates an individual ID (NTDSC registration number) for the accommodation provider for the purpose of record keeping. This number must be displayed on all online portals advertising accommodation, together with the name of the accommodation type.

The NTDSC registration numbers of accommodation locations registered before 1 November 2021 will remain unchanged.

The REGISZTRÁCIÓ (REGISTRATION) menu item on this website has more information on NTDSC registration.


Data to be reported

Sections 7 (7) and (8) of Government Decree 235/2019 of 15 October implementing the Act on state responsibilities regarding the development of tourism regions specify the data to be submitted to the NTDSC from the property management system.

“(7) The ... property management system automatically submits

  1. statistical data subject to daily data reporting for the target day, not including any personal data pertaining to the guest, within 24 hours of the target day;
  2. statistical data subject to monthly data reporting, not including any personal data pertaining to the guest, on the 5th day of the month following the target month;
  3. statistical, event-driven data not including any personal data pertaining to the guest, after entry of the guest data into the property management system.

(8) Data subject to data submission as defined in paragraph (7) shall be published by the operator on the electronic interface in the information on technical and verification conditions."

Based on Government Decree 235/2019 of 15 October, the following provide some information on the data subject to data reporting. This information does not replace the detailed instructions pertaining to data reporting published in the technical and authentication conditions in the software manufacturers’ menu.

The accommodation provider is responsible for correctly submitting data to the NTDSC using property management software (PMS). In order for you to report data in a way that complies with current legislation, we recommend that you regularly consult with your PMS supplier on the correct practice for recording data at accommodation sites.

You can view and inspect data regularly submitted to the NTDSC in your NTDSC account, under the Kimutatások (Reports) menu item.


Data submission with the daily closure

When a given day is closed, the reservations of guests who have arrived, are currently staying, or who have departed on the given day are submitted to the NTDSC, as well as statistical data on the guests involved. The property management system uses the guest’s personal data to create a depersonalised guest ID, and the data received by the NTDSC are the statistical data belonging to this ID. There is no way of identifying a guest using the guest ID in the NTDSC.

The data submitted on daily closure:

  • closed day, date of submission, accommodation ID;
  • room data: all rooms, available rooms, out-of-order rooms, out-of-service rooms;
  • daily consumption data per housing unit, per category;
  • the data on reservations of guests arriving, staying or departing: reservation number, number of beds, sales channel, market segment, total charge, total cost broken down into payment methods, tourist tax (IFA) data, date of check-in/departure;
  • the statistical data of guests in a given reservation: birth year, sex, citizenship, country of residence, home address post code.


Event-driven data transmission

Event-driven data are sent when a certain event takes place at the accommodation site in question. Events connected to the various stages of a booking may be:

  • arrival;
  • departure;
  • changing an accommodation unit;
  • submitting a booking (new or amended).

The following data must be submitted for arrivals, departures and accommodation unit changes:

  • event type (arrival, departure, accommodation unit change)
  • date of event
  • reservation number
  • accommodation unit(s) in question
  • the statistical data of the guests in question: birth year, sex, citizenship, country of residence, home address post code

Data to be submitted for bookings:

When first connecting to the NTDSC, the property management system must submit to the NTDSC all bookings with future arrival dates already entered into the software.

The property management system then submits in real time all reservations entered, modified or cancelled in the property management system.

Data to be submitted for all future reservations:

  • arrival date;
  • departure date;
  • booking date;
  • accommodation unit for which the reservation was entered;
  • the gross value of the reservation (not the price code!);
  • market segment;
  • citizenship;
  • the channel used to make the reservation.

Submitting the number of guests associated with the reservation is optional.

It is important to record the exact booking value for future reservations and to submit these to the NTDSC using the property management system. Entering the price code instead of the gross cost of the reservation is not correct, even if the software manufacturer provides this option in the software. If the field for the gross cost of the reservation is filled in with a price code that, say, consists of numbers only, which is then submitted by the software, the NTDSC will consider the series of numbers in the field to be the gross cost of the reservation, as that is the content expected in the field.

The price of a reservation can be entered in any currency which is supported by the property management system. It is important, however, that prices must be submitted to the NTDSC in HUF only, whether it be an accommodation fee or any other charged item. The property management system must convert the price to HUF before submitting the data.


Data on revenue from other than accommodation services

The property management system must also report revenue obtained from other than accommodation services to the NTDSC. Accommodation sites must submit these data once a month, no later than the 4th day of the following month.

These revenues come in in the following breakdown:

  • catering establishment revenue (cumulative gross value for the month, in HUF)
  • revenue from spa and wellness services (cumulative gross value for the month, in HUF)
  • revenue from other services (cumulative gross value for the month, in HUF), categorised by payment methods.

The “interface documentation” published in the SZOFTVERGYÁRTÓK (SOFTWARE MANUFACTURERS) menu item has a precise, itemised list and definitions of the data required or optional for software manufacturers.


Only property management systems which are able to communicate with the NTDSC are suitable for data reporting. There follows a continuously expanding list of property management systems that have certification issued by the HTA for data reporting to the NTDSC/SZÁLLÁS (ACCOMMODATION) module. Before starting data reporting, the property management system must be configured in accordance with Government Decree 235/2019 of 15 October implementing the Act on state responsibilities regarding the development of tourism regions. The manufacturer or operator of the selected property management system can provide assistance in this process.


Software able to report data to the NTDSC/SZÁLLÁS (ACCOMMODATION) module

Name of manufacturer or distributor Software name and version number Website
7Hills IT Kft. 7H NTAK Connector 1.0 LINK
7x24 Central Hostel PBPMS v1.0.9 LINK
Árpád Híd Ingatlan Kft. Fig Tree Hotel Management System v7.0 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_OHOpera5 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_OHSuite8 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_Protel 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_ProtelAir 19.06 LINK
CampSOFT Kft. CampMAN v5 LINK
Chekin Soluciones Digitales S.L.CheKin v1.1.0 LINK
Chrome-Soft Kft. Hotelgram: 7.10.14 LINK
Com-Passz Kft. Visual Hotel & Restaurant v1.8.0.1 LINK
CTS Informatikai Kft. CTS Szálláshely Nyilvántartó 1.0 LINK
Digithotel Online Foglalás Kft. V1.1.1 LINK
EleniSoft Hungary Kft. EleniSoft PMS 1.0.0 LINK
Flexys Számítástechnikai Rendszerház Kft. Flexys NTAK Kommunikációs Modul V1.0 LINK
Front Desk Master Ltd. FDM v1.0.0 LINK
GAP Solutions Kft. RoomSoft v1.0 LINK
GMS Hutter GmbH & Co KG Hotel Felix LINK
GTSG Kft. GTSG Hotel 1.04 LINK
HC Delta Kft. EOSNTAK_v1.0 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (OPERA) 1.6 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (OPERA Cloud) 1.6 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (Suite8) 1.6 LINK
HostWare Kft. HostWare FRO 7.18 LINK
Hotelsystem Kft. Hotelsystem 3 LINK
Infor Österreich GmbH Infor Starlight W-8.2.2G LINK
Infor Österreich GmbH HMS: LINK
MAISTRO Informatikai Kft. Maistro Front Office PMS Hotel Maistro: LINK
MediaOrigo International Ltd.

Travelium v1

Media Rooster Kft. Foglalasirendszer LINK
Minsait Onesait Hospitality LINK
Mister Booking Hotels Mister Booking v11 LINK
NET-FRONT Kft. SmartBooking LINK
Ofimatica TSSOfiHotel 1.1 LINK
Online Vendégkönyv Kft. Online Vendégkönyv 1.0.0 LINK
Profit-X Kft. JPMS for Joomla 1.0 LINK
Rhino Computer Kft. Rhino Szállodai Rendszer RhinoSzalloda: v1.0 LINK Kft. R3SERVER-H 3.0 LINK
thePass Kft. SabeeApp v3.7 LINK
TMRW Alkalmazások Kft. TMRW-NTAK_Clock v1.0.0 LINK
TMRW Applications Ltd. TMRW system LINK
UCS RKeeper Rendszerház Kft. Shelter v1.0.0.5 LINK
Using Kft. eRecepcios V2.1.2. LINK


Free software

Under the terms of operative legislation, the HTA provides private and other accommodation sites, guesthouses, community accommodation locations, holiday house resorts and holiday boats with no more than 8 rooms and 16 beds with property management software free of charge. This software is suitable for performing all administrative tasks and enables the daily reporting of data to the NTDSC to be done quickly and easily. The VENDÉGEM software can be requested free of charge on the NTDSC interface when registering the given accommodation site in the NTDSC.

The application can be used immediately following NTDSC registration, all it requires is internet access and a smartphone with a camera. The natural person who registered the given accommodation site in the NTDSC can log into the VENDÉGEM application for the first time using customer portal login details.

Everything you need to know about the application can be found on the information page.


The application can be opened from the website.


Proceeding in their competence as commercial authority, the notary with regional jurisdiction for the registered address of the accommodation location shall monitor the NTDSC registration of sites, as well as regular and accurate data reporting. After performing the check, the notary shall notify the NTDSC operator of any accommodation sites that do no not have a property management system, or which have been found by the official inspection to have not registered in the NTDSC, or have not complied with the data reporting obligation specified in Government Decree 235/2019 of 15 October implementing the Act on state responsibilities regarding the development of tourism regions, or have done so incorrectly. The notary may check the accommodation site either electronically (by logging in to the NTDSC) or by means of an on-site inspection. The notary is entitled to view and check the accommodation provider’s registered data and to retrieve and view the data needed for checking the incoming guest night and tourism tax data, as well as the analyses produced from these.

If any of the legal or official regulations regarding accommodation sites are violated, the notary shall prohibit the operation of the site not featured in the records and not registered with the NTDSC with immediate effect, and impose a fine on the operator concerned.