Act CLVI of 2016 on State Functions Pertaining to the Development of Tourist Regions defined the functions of the NTDSC and the detailed rules are laid down in Decree 235/2019 of 15 October implementing the Act on state functions pertaining to the development of tourism regions, Government Decree 239/2009 of 20 October on the detailed conditions for engagement in accommodation service activities and the procedure for the issuce of accommodation licences, and Government Decree 210/2009 of 29 September on the conditions for the pursuance of certain commercial  activities.

The NTDSC expert system is accessible in the local government ASP framework, providing support for notary tasks and inspections in connection with data reporting in the tourism sector. The Hungarian State Treasury can provide information on accessing the ASP framework.

From 11 October 2021, copies of the documents to be submitted by notaries to the NTDSC operator, as specified in Government Decrees 239/2009 of 20 October and 210/2009 of 29 September 2009, must be uploaded electronically to the document repository (Dokumentumtár) available on the ASP/NTDSC interface. The document repository may be found under the Dokumentumok (Documents) menu item after opening the ASP/NTDSC system. The user manual for the entire ASP/NTDSC system is available by clicking on the link on the home page after logging in.

As regards other notifications required by law, the NTDSC maintains contact with local governments exclusively in electronic format, using the e-mail address.