General information

Who is required to supply data under the law?

Pursuant to the laws in effect, all domestic accommodation establishments must be registered in NTDSC. From the first day following the date of registration, data must be submitted on a daily basis through an online property management system. Data supply in NTDSC is a statutory requirement both for commencing the provision of and pursuing accommodation service activities. Registration and data supply are monitored by the regionally competent notary.

A piece of advice: before registration, please read the detailed information below.


How to register?

Registration in NTDSC is an entirely digitised process that can only be completed by electronic means. The accommodation establishment may be registered by its legal representative or by a proxy thereof. For registration, you will need the documents listed below. Please note that the data entered in NTDSC must fully correspond to the data in any other official documents.

Important information:

  • tax number of the legal entity or registered taxpayer natural person engaged in accommodation service activities;
  • a document issued by the regionally competent notary as per the address of the accommodation establishment certifying the accommodation provider’s activity (operating licence);
  • a document confirming the accuracy of the accommodation establishment’s address (e.g. title deed, lease contract);
  • exact name and version number of the property management system (PMS) application used by the accommodation establishment (please note that the property management system must be able to communicate with NTDSC, see HERE);
  • the Citizen Portal login data (username, password) of the person performing the registration (who is the legal representative of the accommodation provider);
  • where the person performing the registration is not a legal representative of the accommodation provider, he/she has been authorised by the legal representative in the Provision Registry (Guide to the Provision Registry)

Registration in NTDSC can be performed by the accommodation provider itself or its legal representative or, in the case of companies, by the person specified in the Provision Registry.

As the first step of the registration process, the system verifies the authorisation of the natural person performing the registration based on the Citizen Portal’s username and password entered. The details of the accommodation provider (name, contact details, tax number) as well as the details of the accommodation establishment (name, services provided, name and version number of the NTDSC-compatible property management system) are entered in NTDSC by the person performing the registration.

Tutorial videos for NTDSC registration

The following videos will help you complete the registration process. The first video will give you instructions on how to register the master data of the accommodation provider, while the second helps you register accommodation establishment data. Please note that registration is subject to certain conditions, for more information see the Frequently Asked Questions section or the User Guides in the section For Accommodation Providers.

Login to the NTDSC system and registration of the accommodation provider
Registration of the accommodation establishment

Data supply

How to supply data?

Data supplies for all accommodation establishments can only be submitted electronically with the data entered into the property management system used by the given accommodation establishment. Of all data entered, only statistical data are transmitted to NTDSC. Data supplies can be submitted through an NTDSC-compatible property management system application certified by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA). The property management system automatically transmits to NTDSC the anonymous statistical data (with NO personal data included) falling within the scope of the daily data supply upon the technical closure of the given day.


What software can be used to supply data?

Only NTDSC-compatible PMS software is suitable for submitting data supplies. Below you will find the continuously growing list of property management system applications that have been certified by the HTA as suitable for the purposes of NTDSC data supplies.

Name of manufacturer or distributor Application name and version number

Manufacturer's or
distributor's website

7Hills IT Kft. 7H NTAK Connector 1.0 LINK
7x24 Central Hostel PBPMS v1.0.9 LINK
Alian-Z Bt. ZimMerSys - Szállásnyilvántartás: V0.1 LINK
Árpád Híd Ingatlan Kft. Fig Tree Hotel
Management System v7.0
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_OHOpera5 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_OHSuite8 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_Protel 19.06 LINK
Bit Soft Hu Kft. BitNTAK_ProtelAir 19.06 LINK
CampSOFT Kft. CampMAN v5 LINK
Chekin Soluciones Digitales S.L. CheKin v1.1.0 LINK
Chrome-Soft Kft. Hotelgram: 7.10.14 LINK
Com-Passz Kft. Visual Hotel & Restaurant v1.8.0.1 LINK
CTS Informatikai Kft. CTS Szálláshely Nyilvántartó 1.0 LINK
Digithotel Online Foglalás Kft. V1.1.1 LINK
EleniSoft Hungary Kft. EleniSoft PMS 1.0.0 LINK
Flexys Számítástechnikai Rendszerház Kft. Flexys Front Office V8.0 LINK
Front Desk Master Ltd. FDM v1.0.0 LINK
GAP Solutions Kft. RoomSoft v1.0 LINK
GMS Hutter GmbH & Co KG Hotel Felix LINK
GTSG Kft. GTSG Hotel 1.04 LINK
HC Delta Kft. EOSNTAK_v1.0 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (OPERA) 1.6 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (OPERA Cloud) 1.6 LINK
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS Enterprise Hospitality Portal (Suite8) 1.6 LINK
HostWare Kft. HostWare FRO 7.18 LINK
Hotelsystem Kft. Hotelsystem 3 LINK
Infor (Österreich) GmbH Infor Starlight W-8.2.2G LINK
MAISTRO Informatikai Kft. Maistro Front Office PMS Hotel Maistro: LINK
Media Rooster Kft. Foglalasirendszer LINK
Minsait Onesait Hospitality LINK
Mister Booking Hotels Mister Booking v11 LINK
Ofimatica TSS OfiHotel 1.1 LINK
Online Vendégkönyv Kft. Online Vendégkönyv 1.0.0 LINK
Profit-X Kft. JPMS for Joomla 1.0 LINK
Rhino Computer Kft. Rhino Szállodai Rendszer RhinoSzalloda: v1.0 LINK Kft. R3SERVER-H 3.0 LINK
thePass Kft. SabeeApp v3.7 LINK
TMRW Alkalmazások Kft. TMRW-NTAK_Clock v1.0.0 LINK
TMRW Applications Ltd. TMRW system LINK
UCS RKeeper Rendszerház Kft. Shelter v1.0.0.5 LINK
Using Kft. eRecepcios V2.1.2. LINK
Infor Österreich GmbH HMS: LINK
MediaOrigo International Ltd. Travelium v1 LINK


Who is entitled to use the freeware?

HTA provides the ‘VENDÉGEM’ (‘MY GUEST’) application free of charge to accommodation providers with no more than 8 rooms and 16 beds (including extra beds) for the quick and easy submission of daily data supplies. You can request the software free of charge on the NTDSC portal during the registration of your accommodation establishment.

Compared to other property management systems, there is no need to meet any technical criteria prior to the use of the ‘VENDÉGEM’ freeware or to wait for the software to arrive. All you need is access to Internet and the application is ready to be used right after your NTDSC registration. The user who can log in the ‘VENDÉGEM’ application for the first time by using his Citizen Portal ID is the natural person who registered the given accommodation establishment in NTDSC.

Please go to the application’s information page for everything you need to know about the freeware.



User Guides with detailed information on the use of NTDSC are available for download here.