When you register your establishment on the NTDSC portal, you are asked to specify what is your “Expected time to stay open during the year”. By default, the answer is “Throughout the year”, but there is an option to reset it to “Seasonal” if your establishment is not open throughout the whole year.
    Error message: You have no right of representation/authorisation for this tax number. The authorisation of users registered in the Citizen Portal is automatically verified by NTDSC when the data are being entered. Automated verification is performed in three authenticated registries – company register, self-employed register, disposal records. If the system detects an error during the automated verification process in the data entered, it will not complete the registration. In such cases, you need to have the identifiers verified by the authority of issue (e.g. tax authority). By doing so, you can provide proof to the HTA that you have already taken steps to clarify your data within the registration time limit.

    For the purposes of registration, you will need your username and password for the Citizen Portal, and the details of the accommodation provider organisation or person.

    Concerning the accommodation establishment, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Name of the accommodation establishment
    • Statistical code (where available, depending on classification)
    • Registration number issued by the local government for the establishment
    • Address
      • In the absence of an address, the topographical lot number
    • How long the establishment is expected to stay open during the year
    • Qualified classification data of the establishment corresponding to its type (if available)
    • Capacity data: rooms (residential units), beds (bed places), maximum number of extra beds, number of accessible rooms
    • Accommodation establishment data, e.g. operating licence number (if it operates a catering unit)
    • If there is a pool on the grounds:
      • pool data: area (m2), maximum permitted capacity of the pool (number of people), pool surface area (m2)
    • Data of the property management system – if there is one in place or its purchase is in progress.
    Data supply is performed automatically between your property management system and NTDSC provided that the required conditions are in place (e.g. Internet access). For completing the registration and performing the data supply you need to make sure that the chosen property management system is capable of transmitting data to NTDSC and that you have completed the registration of the accommodation establishment and successfully submitted a certificate request. (Provided that you are using a system other than the ‘Én Vendégszobám’ application).
    When you first connect to the system, a personal account will be created for you. Therefore, please supply your personal e-mail address – if you have any – that is not linked either to the accommodation service provider or the accommodation establishment.
    If you are engaged in accommodation service activities as an entity type other than the business association types available for selection, please contact NTDSC’s online Customer Service that can be reached by clicking the “Any questions?” button in the bottom right corner of the NTDSC Portal, or at the phone number +36 1 58 58 588. You can contact our colleagues and they will help you with the identification required for your registration.
    After the Citizen Portal identifiers have been entered, an automated verification process is run in three authenticated registries: company register, self-employed register, disposal records. Therefore, if the data are incorrect in any of the authenticated registries, you need to reconcile your data with the competent authorities. Please return to registration as soon as you have clarified the authorisation.
    Please contact NTDSC’s Customer Service.
    Please contact NTDSC’s Customer Service.
    Please enter the direct phone number and e-mail address you use for your company’s contact details.
    No. To be able to save the data you entered during the registration you need to enter data for at least one accommodation establishment.
    You can choose from several options to enter your operating dates. If you are not open throughout the whole year, select the “Seasonally” option at the “Opening Hours” menu option, and set the actual operating period by using the “New opening hours” button and clicking on the calendar icon in the blank cell where you can select the start date and the end date of your operating period from the pop-up calendar. You may even set more than one operating period on the NTDSC. If you entered a new opening hours row, please make sure not to leave it blank; delete it before continuing with the registration.
    If your operating period/opening hours have changed, you need to record the new information through the NTDSC.
    If you added a restaurant by mistake or your restaurant was closed down, you can delete it at any time by clicking the “delete” icon next to the last cell.

    It is mandatory to supply the following data:

    • Area of the pool (m2): Area of the pool (m2)
    • Registration number linked to the operation of the pool: Registration number of the pool
    • Maximum permitted capacity of the pool (number of users): The maximum permitted capacity of the pool equals the maximum number of users allowed in the pool area at any one time.
    • Maximum permitted daily capacity of the pool (number of users): Maximum permitted daily capacity means the number of users allowed to enter the pool area from opening until closing time for the purpose of using the pool facility
    • The detailed calculation method is set out in Chapter V, “Public bath capacity” of Decree 37/1996 (X. 18) of the Ministry of Social Welfare
    • Water surface area (m2) of the pools in the facility: Sum of the surface areas of each pool within the facility (m2)

    If you do not have any of the above data but you do have a pool facility, please contact NTDSC’s Customer Service.

    If you added a pool unit by mistake or your pool was closed down, you can delete it at any time by clicking the “delete” icon next to the last cell.

    Under the applicable legislation, accommodation service providers are required to fulfil their data supply obligations by electronic means, using a property management system. If the accommodation provider does not have a property management system, they cannot register the accommodation establishment on the NTDSC Portal.

    For more information, please go to

    Please contact your software manufacturer because you cannot fulfil your data supply obligation by the 1 July 2019 due date.
    Before obtaining the certificates, the developer of your property management system may assist you or may prepare for you the certificate signing request files to be uploaded on the NTDSC Portal. After the upload, NTDSC will generate the certificates which you need to upload to your property management system.
    Go back to the edit section of the accommodation establishment to see your uploaded certificates.
    We will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address you used as the contact e-mail address of your accommodation establishment.
    You can complete your registration without uploading a certificate signing request by clicking the Save button, but if you complete the registration without uploading a certificate signing request, you must upload the certificate and launch request processes in the edit section of the accommodation establishment before submitting your first data supply.
    No. You may not supply data without uploading the certificate. Please make sure to upload the certificate and to launch request processes in the edit section of the accommodation establishment before starting your data supply.