The subsidy for lost bookings may now be claimed

From now, accommodation providers may claim back 80% of their loss of income from bookings between 11 November and 10 December. Those entitled may claim the subsidy by filling in an electronic form on the National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC) interface, which the Hungarian Tourism Agency will grant before the end of this year.

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The demand for state subsidies for cancelled bookings has arisen

In its decree on certain economic measures during the period of emergency, the Government has decided on providing partial compensation for loss of income by accommodation service providers resulting from cancelled bookings. The form for claiming state subsidy will become available online on the National Tourism Data Supply Centre’s website on 26 November 2020, on which entitled accommodation service providers may claim compensation for part of their loss of income.


HTA BUSINESS TOURISM TREND REPORT: Budapest, Hajdúszoboszló and Eger were the most popular destinations in October 2020

As the National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC) operated by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) receives statistical data on a daily basis not only from commercial accommodation providers, but also from the entire service sector including other and private accommodation, the NTDSC data can be used to provide a much more detailed picture of a given month, but also of shorter periods emphasised by the tourism branch.


HTA monthly report: Balaton was the most popular in September 2020 too

In every respect, the current year was a time for replanning, and this is cumulatively true of the tourism branch. In the first autumn month, domestic tourists travelled with a similar intensity to last year, thus the Hungarians continued to keep the accommodation market moving in this country. The National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC) operated by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) collects daily statistical data, not only on commercial accommodation sites, but also from the entire service provider sector supplemented with other and private accommodation, thus by taking the NTDSC data into consideration, a much more detailed picture may be sketched for each period.


Just as during the first wave, we won’t let tourism down now either

The government is providing additional support for tourism. Just as during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, “We won’t let the sector down now either, we will do everything we can so that those working here can keep their jobs” - declared Zoltán Guller, managing director of the Hungarian Tourism Agency to the Hungarian Telegraph Office (MTO) on Wednesday.


Electronic study materials have been produced for the MY GUEST application

The Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) has produced electronic study materials for the free simplified accommodation management software MY GUEST. The modular training material offers help with reviewing every menu item and function, and the knowledge acquired may be tested with questions at the end of each section of material.


From October, online advertising only with NTDSC registration

The Government is still committed to ridding the branch of the grey economy, so new measures will come into force for the protection of honest tourist enterprises. From 1 October 2020, all accommodation sites which advertise on online agency websites will have to display their NTDSC registration number and type.


August on the basis of NTDSC data: provincial other and private accommodation on top

Compared with earlier years, the summer of 2020 will go down in the memory of the tourism branch with its historic numbers. The number of domestic travellers was at an unprecedented high, as was the quantity of guest nights they spent, whilst the accommodation in the capital, exposed to foreigners for the most part, continued to fly low.


July data from the NTDSC: a record was broken

In the July of 2020, the Hungarian tourism sector achieved outstanding results. Although in March it seemed that the pandemic would wash the season away this year, inland promotion had an effect, the Hungarians stayed at home and sought out domestic accommodation options.


June data: the season continues to thrive

Thanks to rapid and coordinated government measures, the 2020 domestic tourism season restarted in May, and it continued to thrive in June. As all domestic accommodation sites are now obliged to supply data to the National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC), we can get a detailed and up-to-date picture of January-June traffic.


Tourism has restarted: up-to-date NTDSC numbers for the first five months

Thanks to rapid and coordinated government measures, the 2020 domestic tourism season restarted in May. Thanks to the National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC), detailed data are available on the January-May traffic of accommodation sites, and the trends for the summer season can already be seen.


Do you run private accommodation? Learn to use the free software!

The Hungarian Tourism Agency is organising online training between 15-23 June for accommodation providers who choose the My Guestroom Application, in which there is a chance to expand and deepen skills.


Whitsuntide dumping in tourism

Whilst Easter of this year saw an unprecedented nose-dive in tourism, Pentecost experienced exponential expansion. Data from the National Tourism Data Supply Centre show that even despite the unfavourable weather, the long weekend produced outstanding figures, and based on the number of guest nights it can be stated: domestic tourism is irrevocably relaunched.