Access – Who will NTAK supply data to?

The National Tourism Data Supply Centre supports and serves research analysis and development as well as the public tasks of organisations defined by law (MTÜ, local governments, NAV, KSH).

The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) uses the received statistical data to prepare statements, summaries and analyses for the tourism industry. This input makes it possible to measure more effectively the marketing activities and the results of the tourism development of MTÜ, and also allows for better targeted campaigns and interventions to increase interest in Hungary both within the country and abroad. The data can be used for making projections and comparisons with the results of other countries of the region.

The local governments will have access to the relevant statistics in order to verify the tourist tax payments. They will be able to use the available data for local development and plans.

The National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) will have access to the data of the accommodation services in order to improve the efficiency of the tax inspections.

The Central Statistical Office (KSH) will have access to data regulated in statistical decrees in order to be able to fulfil its duties defined in the statistical laws and regulations.

NTAK will also return aggregated data to the accommodation providers. It will be valuable support for the actors of the sector in planning and implementing their development projects, in pricing as well as in marketing communication. The system also contributes to an increase in their competitiveness and will help them become a popular accommodation provider offering targeted services.