Data supply procedure – What is the digital data supply process?

The commercial accommodation facilities use a hotel management software to automatically fulfil their data supply obligation specified by law.

The accommodation service providers register the data required for data supply in the hotel management software and the hotel management software transmits the data classified as statistical data to NTAK in an anonymised form.

First steps:

  • Prior to the first data supply, the accommodation service provider must configure the hotel management software in order to build a secure network communication connection between the hotel management software and NTAK.
  • Then automatic network communication will be maintained between the hotel management software and NTAK.

The hotel management software automatically sends the following data to NTAK:

  • the data of the daily data supply at the time of the technical closing
  • the data of the monthly data supply by the 5th day of the subsequent month
  • data classified as statistical data, NOT containing any personal data of the guests following the registration of the guest data in the software

Who can supply data to NTAK daily and who can receive electronic messages from NTAK?

  • the person registering the accommodation service provider
  • other users registered for the accommodation facility by the person making the registration

NTAK data processing and storage

NTAK automatically processes the received data, saves them in the central database, and

  1. archives them in a structured, encrypted form
  2. creates data markets for processing in order to generate reports and analyses faster, and more safely in terms of the integrity of the database