Data – What data will be supplied to NTAK?

The system is able to digitally manage data aimed at statistics and classified as statistical data; it does not register or accept any personal data related to guests.

With the help of the system, the most important tourism indicators will become accessible in an anonymised form, i.e., without any personal data: the number of tourists, country of origin, the number of days spent in Hungarian accommodation facilities, the services used and the money spent. The majority of data are the data specified in the KSH 1036 and 1761 forms, supplemented with a few data assisting the analyses, such as sales channel and guest segment. It will be aggregated data collection for tourism purposes and no other types of data will be collected in the system.

Data supply and registration have already been in place and, as in the European Union and most countries of the world, the accommodation services providers have notification obligations also in Hungary. The new data storage practice related to the Hungarian accommodation services was developed on the basis of international examples, including the Croatian practice.