Developer documentation

The connection request form necessary for obtaining access to the NTAK system and the latest version of the PMS interface specifications as well as the corresponding appendices are available for download below.

PMS Interface roadmap – endpoint versions and planned schedule

Date Interface
endpoint version
12/04/2019 PMS interface
v5.00 sent out
v1 Latest available version
Test period: 12/04/2019 – 31/08/2019
Available in production environment: 01/06/2019
Validity: 01/07/2019 – 30/09/2019
15/05/2019 PMS interface
v6.00 sent out
v6 Version and appendices updated with 2 modifications:
– Field validations for event-driven data transmission
– Value changes for 2 parameters (see below)
Test period: 08/06/2019 –
Available in production environment: 01/07/2019 –
Validity: 01/08/2019 – 01/11/2019
15/06/2019 PMS interface
v7.00 sent out
v7 Version and appendices updated with 1 modification:
– Handling of advance-booking data transmission
Test period: 01/08/2019 – until revocation
Available in production environment: 01/10/2019
Validity: 01/11/2019 – until revocation
16/08/2019 PMS interface
v7.10 sent out
v7 New document version with no changes to the endpoint.
Sample applications are clarified and moved into a separate
document. Other minor clarifications according to
the change log within the document.
04/10/2019 PMS interface
v7.20 sent out
v7 New document version with no changes to the endpoint.
Messaging process for the advance-booking module has been
expanded and error codes have been added to
the advance-booking module.

PMS interface schedule