Interface-based connection process

  1. First a questionnaire must be completed which is a prerequisite of accessing the developer test environment.
  2. After registration you will receive a detailed interface development description, the information required for accessing the test environment and the data required for access in a developer information pack.
  3. During the connecting tests, MTÜ grants access to the NTAK portal test interface to the developers of the hotel management software, where the sender can independently verify the success of data transmission.
  4. If the hotel management system deems integration and data communication successful at the developer side, MTÜ will perform a joint integration test with the hotel management system developer. The test involves the submission of an example set of messages. Following a successful test, the given version of the hotel management system will be added to the list of supported hotel management software products. MTÜ will publish it on the NTAK information portal and the accommodation providers will be able to choose it in the live system as a potential tool for data transfer.