Hotel Registration has started at the National Tourism Data Supply Centre!

On 1 June the hotels could start the registration process on NTAK Portal. Already active accommodation facilities

Digital data supply at MSZÉSZ Budapest Regional Meeting

The MSZÉSZ Budapest Regional Meeting on 16 April was another station in the national NTAK roadshow. Among the spea

NTAK was in the focus of attention at the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (MSZÉSZ) Digital Section meeting

The MSZÉSZ Digital Section meeting dedicated to the National Tourism Data Service Centre was organised by the Hung

NTAK information site launched

The purpose of the Hungarian Tourism Agency is to introduce the new digital data supply system smoothly and flawle

Interview with Zoltán Guller on the National Tourism Data Supply Centre

Zoltán Guller, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency gave an interview on the details of NTAK at the beginning of th

NTAK presentation to the Hotel Association

Áron Szabó, Director of the Hungarian Tourism Agency responsible for accommodation and catering, delivered a prese

NTAK report at the Travel Exhibition

Presentations were given on different topics at the 2019 Travel technical conference. In one of the presentations