Objectives – What is the purpose of introducing NTAK?

The aim of the National Tourism Data Supply Centre is to help tourism development and enhance competitiveness through the digitisation of the accommodation services industry.

The purpose of the state tourism control is to turn Hungary into Central Europe’s leading tourism region by 2030 with 50 million guest nights. One of the factors required for achieving the set objectives is the availability of a sufficient quantity of up-to-date information of sufficient depth required for tourism development decisions. Tourism may be organised and developed well with a clear understanding of what works and what does not work in the sector.

The objectives of NTAK:

  • to measure the traffic data of the entire accommodation services industry with real-time and up-to-date information
  • to plan sectoral competitiveness strategies, developments and campaigns more effectively and to measure their efficiency
  • to prepare projections on guest traffic based on occupancy data
  • feedback to the accommodation facilities enabling them to become more competitive and more popular with targeted services
  • to cut the administration and tax liabilities of the accommodation services providers
  • to build a single national accommodation database of the providers
  • to whiten the sector, based on which the Hungarian government will consider cutting the VAT rate in the accommodation services industry, as it was done in the catering industry.