What is required for starting registration?

  • The accommodation provider has registered with the tax authority and has a tax number for the activity
  • The accommodation provider has notified the competent clerk of the activity and the clerk has registered it
  • The accommodation provider has installed the hotel management software with an NTAK communication module to be used for the accommodation service
  • The person making the registration has also registered on Citizens’ Portal
  • If an unofficial representative is registered, the official representative has authorised the person making the registration in the Disposal Records

How will accommodation providers be registered in NTAK?

The registration process is fully electronic. Prior to the start of any data supply, already active accommodation facilities have one month to register in the system after the start of the registration period defined for each accommodation type. When a new accommodation provider starts operation, they must register through the electronic interface dedicated by the NTAK operator for such purposes within no more than 5 days from the start of the accommodation service.

Who can register accommodation facilities (and later modify or erase data)?

  • the accommodation service provider in person, or
  • their legal representative, or
  • the person defined in the disposal records


  • during the registration process the NTAK operator uses an electronic authentication service to verify the data of the accommodation provider
  • the data of the accommodation service provider, required for authentication, will be supplied to the NTAK operator by the natural person performing the registration
  • main data required for authentication: accommodation provider’s name, contact details and tax number

Following successful authentication, the natural person performing the registration registers the accommodation provider in NTAK:

  • the accommodation facility
  • the services provided at the accommodation facility
  • the NTAK compatible hotel management software used at the accommodation facility